Your voices will change the world

My voice will ____________

Your voices will move the world forward. From human rights advocates, to criminal justice reform, to trans rights activists, UC Santa Cruz is ready to launch the class of 2023 into the world as the next change makers of society. Here are just a few stories of our amazing cohort of graduating students.

Vann Jones

B.A., feminist studies and history of art and visual culture, Merrill

"I think what I'm really excited to be able to do in the future, is really just showcase the wide range of experiences that transgender people have and hopefully bring more understanding. I just want to be able to make the world a kinder and safer place for people, and people like me."

Guneet Hora

B.A., legal studies and psychology, College Nine

"I'm taking a class right now called transcommunality, where we go to Soledad prison and speak to the incarcerated men there. I would like to learn from these men and take what I've learned from UCSC to learn more about how the system can be reformed, because it only works for some people. So, I'd really like to be part of the advocacy work to change that."

Allison Nguyen

Ph.D., psychology; M.A., linguistics

"In my lifetime, I hope that we're in a place where everyone feels like they belong in academia, and everyone is supported, and everyone has the chance to reach their dreams and their goals."

Samantha Moore

B.A., politics and philosophy, Merrill

"Part of the goals in my life is that I want to improve human rights so that it encompasses perspectives of people from all over the world and that it's not just super Western dominated."

Miguel Tamayo

B.S., computer engineering, College Nine

"Here on Earth there are so many boundaries like cultural, religious, physical boundaries, but when we go to space and you see Earth from above, you realize that we are literally like one tiny speck just floating around in spaceā€¦. All the differences that we see here on Earth, you don't see them in space."